TV Show

1 Season



The series revolves around the novel "Tahqiq" (investigation). The novel provokes five different people to commit crimes in order to achieve a fair balance in their lives, The reader has to start investigating the novel to prevent these five crimes from taking place. Our main character "Hisham Khairy" begins reading the novel and tries to decipher its symbols and secrets, a journey that takes him through many great adventures and even greater surprises. Hisham begins his investigation and visits the places and characters to solve the mystery until he reaches an advanced stage of the investigation that puts him in a 1 on 1 challenge with the writer of the novel.

Actor: Ahmed Malek,Ali Qassim,Khaled Anwar,Tara Emad,Huda El Mufti,Zeinab Gharib,Mai ElGhaity ,Tarek Abd El Aziz,Fatma Naser ,Ahmed Keshk,Eslam Naguib,Ramy Eltmbary ,Tamem Abdo,Kamal Abu Raya,Mohamed Al Sawy,Safaa El Toukhy,Youssef Ismail,Amira Adeeb,Basma Nabil

Author: Mohamed El Dabah

Director: Mohamed Fathy