Raafat Al Haggan

Raafat Al Haggan

TV Show

3 Seasons



This series is based on the story of a real-life Egyptian spy, Refaat Ali Suleiman El Gammal, who embedded himself in Israeli society to gather information for Egyptian intelligence. In part one of the series, we are introduced to the saga of Refaat El Gammal (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz), better known as Refaat El Hagan, and his wife, Helen (Youssra). We also learn about his relationship with the Egyptian intelligence agency and how they prepared him to assume a fake Jewish identity. The series follows the events leading up to his departure from Egypt, and the start of his spy mission in Israel under the auspices of Egyptian intelligence.

Actor: Mahmoud Abdelaziz,Youssra,Mohamed Wafik,Youssef Shabaan,Tayseer Fahmy,Mostafa Metwalli,Sabri Abdelmonem,Adel Amein

Author: Saleh Morsi

Director: Yehia El Alamy