Nahno La Nazraa Al Shouq

Nahno La Nazraa Al Shouq

TV Show

1 Season



The girl (Sayda) suffers from the cruel treatment of her father’s wife after her father’s death, so that a friend of her father takes care of her, but his wife treats her as a maid, and his son (Abbas) assaults her, so she escapes from his home and joins work with the family of (Hamdi Al Samadouni), a family that treats her with love and affection, but (Hamdi) attachment to one of the girls defeats (Sayda) after her attachment to the love of (Hamdi), and the events continue.

Actor: Khaled El Nabawy,Athar El Hakim,Yasser Galal,Karima Mokhtar,Hamdy Gheith,Abdelrahman Abo Zahra,Nagah Al Mugi

Author: Youssef El Sebaei,Ahmed Saleh

Director: Hussein Kamal