Lel Hob Forsa Akhira

Lel Hob Forsa Akhira

TV Show

1 Season



The events revolve around Mahmoud and Laila who meet through work, and they fall in love with each other, but this meeting came late, each committed to many of the duties towards other people in their lives, so many obstacles to this love, in addition to the presence of many Relationships of love and passion around them, everyone is looking for an opportunity for that situation in which he wishes everyone to live.

Actor: Dalia El Beheri,Firas Saeed,Hend Abdel Halim,Amira El Aidy,Mourad Makram,Amal Rezk,Heba Al Abassiry,Ahmed Abdallah Mahmoud

Author: Shahira Salam

Director: Manal El Seifi