Kafr Delhab

Kafr Delhab

TV Show

1 Season



It is about a doctor who travels to Kafr Malun, where women abort and no new births are born. There are many cases of wearing jinn for girls and men, and all of them insist that there is a woman talking to them. One of the girls who watched the woman confirmed that she wanted to avenge all infidelity and cut off any means of communication that existed in disbelief and that no one could escape retaliation. The doctor's search for this woman reveals that she was already a woman living in infidelity called Rehana, and was killed by an unknown person. She wants revenge on her murderer.

Actor: Youssef El Sherif,Mohamed Reyad,Rogena,Sahar Al Saigh,Samy Maghawry,Mahmoud Hegazy,Hadi El Gayar

Author: Amr Samir Atef

Director: Ahmed Nader Galal