Ard Al Nefaq

Ard Al Nefaq

TV Show

1 Season



The series is talking about Masoud, a worker who is constantly at work. His job as a worker in the lighting department of the small village he lives in doesn't earn him enough money. Thus he has problems with his wife Gamila and her mother, who can't stand living with him anymore. His father, who owns a store that sells 'Koskosy', can't help with his financial problems either. One day however, he crosses paths with a doctor who gives him pills that give him the opportunity of living different lifestyles with different personalities, which paves the way for a new life

Actor: Mohamed Henedy,Hana Shiha ,Dalal Abdel Aziz,Mohamed Mahmoud

Author: Youssef El Sebaei,Ahmed Abdallah

Director: Mohamed Gamal El Adl,Sameh Abdelaziz