Al Raqs Ala Salalem Motahareka

Al Raqs Ala Salalem Motahareka

TV Show

1 Season



There are four friends from different social classes, the first of whom is Jamila, who complains about the absence of the father after the separation of her parents, Dina suffers from the stinginess of her father, while Nermin's mother insists on marrying her to a wealthy person that she does not like, Mirhan In many crises because of her father's pampering, will girls overcome their problems?

Actor: Mahmoud Kabil,Sanaa Gamil,Ehab Fahmy,Salwa Khattab,Yasmine Abdel Aziz,Mahmoud Abdel Mughni,RIham Abdel Ghafour,Marwa Abdel Monem

Author: Karam El Naggar

Director: Mostafa El Shal