Al Ragol Al Akhr

Al Ragol Al Akhr

TV Show

1 Season



The story revolves around a businessman doing many bad deeds, and after an accident loses his memory, his parents think that he died as a result of the incident, settle in the center of a popular simple neighborhood, supported by the people of this warm to complete his life, falls in love with her He finds his family alive, that he is a warm-up resident, tries to regain his memory again, and remembers his past actions.

Actor: Mervat Amin,Nour El Sherif,Ragaa El Gedawy,Magda Zaki,Ezzat Abou Ouf,Gamal Ismail,Rashwan Tawfek,Rania Farid Shawqy

Author: Magdy Saber

Director: Magdy Abo Emira