Al Maamoura

Al Maamoura

TV Show

1 Season



The contractor Haroun owns one of the buildings in Al Mamoura area in Alexandria. He is the father of three daughters. He lives in the hope that his wife will give birth to him a boy. A group of residents live in buildings . Several robberies occur after the arrival of Makram Abdul Qaiom, an American energy scientist. The thief and Makram tries to prove to everyone that he is acquitted of those charges and in the end he will marry one from the daughters of Haj Harun, the architect of the globe.

Actor: Ahmed Abdelaziz,Gamal Ismail,Sayed Elromy,Omar El Hariri,Mayson,Hoda Hani,Talaat Zakaria

Author: Naguib Mahfouz

Director: Ibrahim Al-Shaqanqiry