Abnaey Al Azeaa Shokran

Abnaey Al Azeaa Shokran

TV Show

1 Season



The events take place in a social framework through Baba Abdo, who is over sixty and we see through different positions the reactions of his sons, the men who raised him, a doctor, an engineer, a journalist and a daughter who completes her education to discover the father different facts and find that he needs to know them again and completes their guidance. Stay away from their father a lot and they need him always as he needs them and the need here moral and humanitarian in the first place.

Actor: Abd El Menam Madboly,Mahmoud El Gendy,Yehia El Fakharany,Farouk Al Fishawy,Salah El Saadani,Athar El Hakim

Author: Essam Al Gamblaty

Director: Mohamed Fadel