Awan El Ward

Awan El Ward

TV Show

1 Season



The Series revolves around Amal, the planning director of a major investment company, his son, of a former diplomat married to a Christian, despite their families' opposition. Amal is abducted her while driving her car and is rescued by a police officer. They love each other , she marries him and lives a happy life until she gives birth. Their first child, and hours after his birth, the child is abducted from the hospital and the parents begin a difficult journey to search for him with the help of their relatives and friends.

Actor: Youssra,Hesham Abdel Hamid,Maged El Kedwany,Ragaa El Gedawy,Abdel Rahman Abou Zahra,Samiha Ayoub,Enas Mekky,Saeed Tarabeek

Author: Wahid Hamed

Director: Samir Seif